Penn. Organizational DynamicsProf. Steven F. Freeman
Creativity and Innovation in
Organization and Work


This webpage emerges from the University of Pennsylvania course, "Creativity and Innovation in Organizations and Work" (DYN 692) The course, website and discussion groups are designed to help you:

  • Learn the mechanics of vocational creativity and business innovation
  • Identify organizational, institutional and personal barriers to creativity and innovation
  • Experience - and apply - creativity and innovation in work and life

The past 20 years has seen a surge of interest in innovation, yet most organizations remain not just uninnovative, but literally designed to prevent it. Few would-be innovators grasp the full extent of organizational obstruction to change, and fewer yet possess the skills, insights and wherewithal necessary to overcome it. The course and material on this website can help you understand organizations and the tools of the innovator for working with them.

We strive also to help you cultivate originality, imagination and inventiveness in your personal life and work, and to foster skills and insights to enable you to create a satisfying career—either within your present organization or beyond it.

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