Penn. Organizational Dynamics Prof. Steven F. Freeman
Creativity and Innovation in
Organization and Work

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Boston Innovation

Innovating Organizations

Continuum Innovation (Newton) Innovative Design (Kelly Sherman, Chad Callaghan)

Delphi Group, The direction and evolution of business and technology (Tom Koulopoulos)

Imaginatik (Boston) services to build a sustainable innovation culture, products to power the organization-wide discipline of innovation (Elisa O’Donnell)

Synectics Purposeful Creativity and Creative Thinking in Organizations (Rick Harriman)

Cambridge Innovation Ctr (Liquid Bits) : Hiram Samel , Haggai Goldfarb

MIT Media LabMIT Media Lab site   Human Dynamics Group site

MIT museum: Not your ordinary museum

Places to Eat, Drink and Stay

A Boston Innovation TourHarvard University. Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

The Kendall Hotel, 350 Main St, Cambridge, Mass (Brenda Anderson)

Think Tank (No longer flooded I think)

Clover Food Lab (MIT)  About Clover

Topics of Interest

Organizational Culture: what might account for MIT's extraordinary success in creating value through innovation.

Communities of Innovation: why innovation hubs? 

System Dynamics - An MIT Systems Approach to Creativity  (Joe Hsueh)

Distributed Leadership: Elaine Backman, MIT Sloan Leadership Center

The Dynamics of innovation (Jim Utterback)

Technology Ventures (Chuck Eesley)

Sensible OrganizationsTaemie KimBenjamin WaberDaniel Olguin and Sandy Pentland discuss how Sensible Organizations project site  (MIT Media Lab)

Cody Sumter and Sandy Pentland discuss pen-source sensing framework. Check out the Funf Journal Android App.(MIT Media Lab)

Tentative Itinerary Spring 2012

Itinerary Fall 2010  Pics


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