Penn. Organizational DynamicsProf. Steven F. Freeman
Creativity and Innovation in
Organization and Work

Management of Innovation

Lecture Notes

Assigned Readings

Case Study to Prepare: Envisioning Adaptive Eyecare

Suggested Reading (on Reserve at Rosengarten)

  • Thomas M. Koulopoulos, The Innovation Zone: How Great Companies Re-Innovate for Amazing Success (2009)
  • Thomas M. Koulopoulos, Smartsourcing: Driving Innovation and Growth Through Outsourcing  (2006)

Further Reading (on Reserve at Rosengarten)

  • James T. Utterback, Mastering the Dynamics of Innovations: How companies can seize opportunities in the face of technological change (whole book)
  • Clayton M. Christensen & Michael E. Raynor, The Innovator's Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth (whole book) 


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