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NextFab Studio

2025 Washington Ave Philadelphia * (215) 921-3649

NextFab Studio is a shared creative workspace, offering a collaborative workspace with digital and traditional fabrication tools, 3D printers, CNC machines, classes, events, and professional consulting services.

Website: * Contact: NextFab manager Jonathan Tekac
The September 30 ciow class will be held entirely at their facility on 2025 Washington Ave., Philadelphia

On schedule:
• Orientation: about NextFab, overview of the business, process, Do it Yourself (DIY) and the maker movement.
• Tour -- about an hour –will include explanations of the capabilities and use of the equipment and overview of the business and process. If requested, NF can provide simple demos (Water Jet, Laser, 3d Printer), so take some time to explore online the studio’s facility and equipment-list soon. If there’s anything you’re particularly interested or would like to see, send a note to both me and NextFab manager Jonathan Tekac
• Class discussion about NextFab, Do it Yourself and the maker movement.

Jonathan and I are trying to arrange:
• Chat afterwards with NextFab members/innovators/inventors about DIY, their projects and businesses
• Several NextFab staff to be there so that we can have smaller groups for the tours


  1. Do we want to try to arrange dinner first?
  2. Begin class at 6:30 or push back to allow for transit or dinner first?
  3. Anything you particularly want to see/do there? Again, please explore the facility and equipment-list soon.


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