Penn. Organizational DynamicsProf. Steven F. Freeman
Creativity and Innovation in
Organization and Work

October 14, 2013-Guest Dr. Orin Davis

Orin Davis of the Quality Life Laboratory is the first person to earn a doctorate in Positive Psychology. His advisor was Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.


5:15 pm Organizational Dynamics Dinner Lecture at Inn at Penn:

From Ad Hoc to Ad-roit: Building High Performance Teams Out of Perfect Strangers. Many business and project teams are thrown together without much forethought – how can these groups develop a combination of synergy and synchronicity that allows them to achieve top performance? Join professor and consultant Dr. Orin Davis as he shows how an ad hoc workplace team can develop into a dream team.

Location: Hourglass room, second floor, Inn at Penn, Walnut Street between 36th and 37th streets.

Organizational Dynamics Dinner Lectures are open to the public. Please invite any who may be interested.


6:30-9:30 pm: Class Session: Team flow: factors that promote healthy teamwork and creative outcomes.

Assigned readings: R. Keith Sawyer, " Group genius The creative power of collaboration" (Biz Briefings, 2007)

Recommended readings: R. Keith Sawyer, Group Genius: The creative power of collaboration (Basic Books, 2007), especially Chapter 3, "Group Flow."

All recommended readings are available at Van Pelt Library's Rosengarten Reserve.


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