Penn. Organizational DynamicsProf. Steven F. Freeman
Creativity and Innovation in
Organization and Work

Class has been relocated for the entire semester to "Classroom C" next to the Organizational Dynamics office on the 1st floor of the University City Science Center building, 3440 Market Street.

ciow Session 2

I’m sorry about the mix-up with books this semester. Because not everyone will have been able to read or even get the book, we’ll be adapting the class schedule. This week’s class will have 3 parts:

Session 1 followup

Lets document the IDEO deep dive process as well as some other innovation techniques, including those that I mentioned (listed on the Session 1 page, Try to think especially about innovation processes or projects in which you have participated or in which you might like to participate, e.g., a course project.

Creativity with a capital “C”

I’d been looking at articles to replace the book I had assigned, but no article does the topic justice. So if you were able to acquire or borrow the book, read what you can; if not, at least read the summary I sent earlier in the week -- a web version is accessible on the Creativity with a Capital “C” topic page ( Creativity.cgi).

Also view Csikszentmihalyi's talk, " Creativity, fulfillment and flow" and consider the Discussion Questions and Discussion topics.

Rather than try to cover the topic comprehensively in 2 sessions, we’ll introduce it so that we can consider it more thoroughly over the next several weeks.

Improvisational Arts 

No assignments regarding this, other than to come with an open mind.


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