Penn. Organizational DynamicsProf. Steven F. Freeman
Creativity and Innovation in
Organization and Work

Session 4 will be held entirely at NextFab Studio, 2025 Washington Ave., Philadelphia

• 18:30 (10-15 min) Questions from previous classes. Discussion of course projects/ “questions” and “problems” you’ve discovered or been presented, especially in the past week.

• 18:45 (15 min) Orientation: about NextFab Studio, overview of the business, process, Do it Yourself (DIY) and the maker movement.

• 19:00 (1 hour) Tour -- about an hour –will include explanations of the capabilities and use of the equipment and overview of the business and process. If requested, NF can provide simple demos (Water Jet, Laser, 3d Printer), so take some time to explore online the studio’s facility and equipment-list soon. If there’s anything you’re particularly interested or would like to see, send a note to both me and NextFab manager Jonathan Tekac

•  20:00 Chat with NextFab innovators/inventors about their projects and businesses

•  20:45 Larger context discussion about NextFab, Do it Yourself and the maker movement; how it all fits into CIOW course context, societal creativity/innovation and how it might relate to our own lives and projects.

•  21:15 Coming classes.
•  21:30 End

NextFab Studio (external website)

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