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Bevan Weissman, New American Public Art

Bevan Weissman is a "Hybrid artist / engineer. Long live science, and all hail art. He enjoys rewarding curiosity, slurping up local culture, and the weirdness of human beings."

He explains that this means: "I earned undergrad degrees in Chemical Engineering and in Visual Art.  Since then, my involvement in both fields has coalesced in the realm of Public Art, particularly interactive art.  I'm a principal of the art and design collective New American Public Art, where we create technologically interesting and socially engaging interactive sculptures and experiences.  I'm proud to call Makerspaces my home:  Artisan's Asylum in Somerville MA, and now NextFab and Philly Sculpture Gym since I moved to Philly last year.  I love the DIY culture (although personally think it should be DIO: Ourselves), the open source movement, and the idea that we are uniquely positioned in human history to be accomplishing more together."

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Bevan draws inspiration from the wonder of natural forces and phenomena, the relation of our bodies to ourselves and our environments, and the meaning of social connection and intimate bonds.Bevan’s areas of expertise include large scale installation, public art, and mixed-media sculpture; his material choices range from metal, cement, and glass to plastics, ferrofluid, and fire — whatever the piece needs in order to come alive.


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