Penn. Organizational DynamicsProf. Steven F. Freeman
Creativity and Innovation in
Organization and Work

Class Sessions - Fall 2013

Week 1 (Sept 9) Course Overview, Introduction, The Creativity Dilemma, Approaches to Innovating, Innovation Tools (Mindfulness)

Week 2 (Sept 16) Creativity with a capital “C” / Improvisational Arts (Movement)

Week 3 (Sept 23) Creativity with a capital “C” / Improvisational Arts (Drama) / Think about Course Projects.

Week 4. (Sept 30) Do it Yourself - Visit NextFab

Week 5. (Oct 7)  Innovation from within Organizations, mini-lecture: Organizational Barriers to Innovation; Private Individual/Group Meetings.

Week 6. (Oct 14) Group Creativity - Guest: Orin Davis, the first person to earn a doctorate in Positive Psychology (advisor, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi): Team flow: factors that promote healthy teamwork and creative outcomes (5:15 dinner lecture precedes class) 

Week 7. (Oct 21) Crisis as Opportunity - Guest: Marc Maltz, consultant-clinician for major corporations and start-ups alike, and co-author of seminal work on Organizational Resilience, explores healthy, opportunistic response throughout a continuum of crisis ... from market related ... to traumatic, e.g., 9/11 (5:15 dinner lecture precedes class)

Week 8. (Oct 28) Course review, plan, debrief, Creative Problem Solving. Meaningful Class Introductions - You at Your Best Stories; Work on Course Projects; Private Individual/Group Meetings.

Week 9. (Nov 4) The Dynamics of Innovation

Week 10. (Nov 11) Management of Innovation

Week 11. (Nov 18) Creativity Inc. creative-problem solving workshop.

Week 12. (Nov 25) Visit to Urban Outfitters

Week 13. (Dec 2) Work on Course Projects; Private Individual/Group Meetings.

Week 14. (Dec 9)  Course Project Presentations and/or Papers Due


Perhaps: "Imagining The Future: Man and Machine" (Brynjolfsson (2012) Winning With Ever-Smarter Machines

Not scheduled this year: Entrepreneurship * Participative Design * (Organizing Innovation / Innovative Organizing) * ciow films * Design as a Discipline *  Open Innovation * Dynamic problem solving, generative thinkingStories of innovation * Creating a Career  * A Systems Approach to Creativity 



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