Penn. Organizational DynamicsProf. Steven F. Freeman
Creativity and Innovation in
Organization and Work

Course Projects

Your Basic Course Task is to either (1) do something Creative or Innovative and/or (2) advance understanding about Creativity/Innovation. That's it. Basically, Do Something Worthwhile related to Creativity/Innovation. Use the class, use your classmates, use me to help you do something worthwhile.  

1. What's behind the idea of course projects: Useful AssignmentsGeneral Educational Philosophy 

This could be a smaller stand alone project, a piece of a larger project or a team effort. Ideally course projects are identifiable as components in your overall educational program. Do something you WANT to do, it's not (just) a test or yet another burden. Consider me, your classmates and the OD program as means to pursue and accomplish something uniquely valuable.

2. Potential Projects

  - Develop or sell an innovative idea
  - Create a work of art
  - Identify and explicate a significant epiphany
  - Do a project that might get you a desired job
  - Write an article for publication
  - Make a video

  - Case study of a firm and issue of particular interest
  - Write a grant proposal to get funding to pursue a larger project
  - Action research attempting organizational innovation
  - Develop a website, "hub" or interest group around a particular issue
  - Develop a plan for realizing a valued project
  - Build/ design something - either a concrete thing or an organization


3. Previous Student Course Projects

4. Still don't have an idea for a Course Project?

Consider why you are enrolling in this course and what you hope to get out of it. What would be the best possible outcome of having taken the course? Is there anything you really want to do or accomplish towards which this course may be helpful? ("Accomplishments" could include any of the items above...)


5. Deliverable: By the end of the course, you must turn in a paper and/or give a presentation about your project. If you choose to write a paper, please read my Guide to Developing and Writing a Research Paper. You may also want to attend my research writing workshops. If you choose to do a presentation, please read my Guide to Presenting a Course Project.





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