Penn. Organizational DynamicsProf. Steven F. Freeman
Creativity and Innovation in
Organization and Work

Core Topics

1. Innovation Methods

Appreciative Inquiry

David Kelley Design Thinking
Ideo's David Kelley on Design Thinking

Development of Products by Lead Users
Ch.2 of Democratizing Innovation by Eric von Hippel (2008)

HBR Ideo case

Idealized Design
From Ackoff, et al (2006) Idealized Design: How to Solve Tomorrow's Crisis...Today
IDEO Nightline transcript

2. Creativity

HBR How to Kill Creativity

HBR Creativity Under the Gun

HBR The Weird Fules of Creativity

3. Innovating Within Organizations

Barriers to Innovation at Nasa
Astronaut video dramatizes barriers to innovation at NASA

Innovation and Creativity in Organizations (full)
Innovation and Creativity within Organizations $#45 full Lecture Notes Includes INEX case

Innovation and Creativity in Organizations (shot)
short, small class lecture notes

The Televisionary
M. Gladwell New Yorker article on how TV came to be

Three Perspectives On Organizations
(S. Freeman)

4. Innovation Dynamics

Gunfire at Sea
case illustrating Dynamics of Innovation

Process and Dynamics of Innovation Lecture Slides

5. Innovtion Management

Innovative Organizations:
Creating Breakthroughs at 3M
HBR (1999)

Pilobolus Windmill

Envisioning Adaptive Eyecare

Management of Innovation Lecture Slides

Lecture Notes

One Key or 2 for the Car

What Why How Management Innovation
HBR The What, Why and How of Management Innovation

Your Company's Whole Brain
HBR Putting Your Company's Whole Brain to Work

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