Penn. Organizational DynamicsProf. Steven F. Freeman
Creativity and Innovation in
Organization and Work

Student Projects

Case Study Exercise

Purposeful Creativity and Innovation in IT Business Planning - A Case Study: Innovation and Creativity in a Financial Services Giant- Scott Yarosh (Use of Creativity, Inc. techniques for Creative Problem Solving)

Creative Project

Film The Bideshi: The creation and story of a first-time filmmaker - Lauren Hansen-Flaschen

Grammoms Story, published in  Graduate Studies Journal of Organizational Dynamics - Patricia Shenk:

Research Paper

Meditation and the Brain: Science and Experience (Research portion of Meditation/ Mindfulness Program) - Denise Clegg

Lab-on-a-Chip Innovation - Matt Keating

American Society for Quality Journal article: Management by Process Perspectives on Creativity and Innovation in Organizations -Sergio Garon

Help Guide

Create your Career Workshop / Pilot Project and Conference Presentation - Patty McInerney (Use of Creativity, Inc. techniques for Creative Career Choices)

Innovations In Music Industry -- led to Capstone: MANAGING CREATIVE PROJECTS FOR MUSICIANS (potential book)

Trauma Victims Guide to Acceptance and Moving On - Ada Bickert

Creating a Business/Product

Fiduciary Metrics Business Case /  Patent Application  - Dennis Mahoney

Food Waste Reduction Initiative: A Framework for Local Communities - Steve Finn

Posture Front And Center: Health Crisis Facing Organizations Business Case for Posture Intervention Meghan Ficca

Sales Force Development Solutions (New Business) - John Royer

Process Improvement Techniques To Develop An Upfront Pricing Model For Vacant Land - Guy Michael Thigpen


Past Student Projects Projects - dyn672 (Crisis Preparedness & Organizational Resilience)


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